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OMG I found an old entry... [23 Jan 2013|06:37am]
I really needed to write today. I could write in my journal, but I'm too lazy to go looking for it. Today sucked!!! Work sucks so hard sometimes. So if whoever reads this doesn't want to read about my work, click something else.

My work sucks because:
1.) Kids are rude and have no manors
2.) My room has poor ventilation
3.) Middle school aged students annoy the crap out of me

I am so close to dropping f-bombs it's not funny. I have this one kid whose family members all belong to a gang, he constantly laughs and acts like he's high.


Today: Wow I just found that old entry. It asked me if I wanted to restore a draft and I said sure why the hell not. That was written when I was at my old school teaching. Wow, so glad I'm not there. I met some of my co-workers that still work there last Friday for a few drinks and I went on a rampage how much it sucks to the new art teacher! I know! I shouldn't have, but I was drunk and it's true! More than half of the people sitting at my table were applying for new jobs. I think I got my old grandma friend mad. Oh well. Now that I'm at my new school, I don't even think to say cuss words... I'm never ever that frustrated. It's amazing. Although I do miss my old coworkers/friends. They were so much fun...but it's good we still keep in touch.

Anyway I'm really bad with my weight again. Terri-bad. I even started a boot camp in November and it totally kicked my ass and I became very strong!!! But I haven't been in a month and my husband told me to cancel it...granted I wasn't going, so that makes sense. It was $100 a month! Horrible.
Anyway I need to start tracking food again. It's all about what you eat. I could probably lose 10lbs if I just ate right. Uh 6:35, I should probably get ready for my really hard day at work! HAHAHA!!! It's a half day! Even though half days kinda suck! No down time until 12:15. Hmmm... maybe I'll play drawing tutorials. I dunno.
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[04 Dec 2009|06:21pm]
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Half day Friday [13 Mar 2009|08:04am]
Ever since I left school yesterday I've felt very anxious. I hope it goes away. I think I'm just worried about having a job next year and doing well. It's getting frustrating without paper, and pencils. I bought $30 worth of Sharpie markers earlier this semester. Some kids have stolen them, and written on the bathroom walls...it just makes me feel really bad. I look back and think of when I was in high school and how I didn't care about how I used the supplies, and how Miss Long must have felt (except she had like a $2,000 budget!) Anyway I'm going to stop complaining and make signs!
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Unemployed Bum? [12 Nov 2008|02:08pm]
No I'm not a bum yet, because I'm pretty sure to get the title I have to stop looking for jobs. I applied to two more today. What's the deal with people not returning my phone calls? I mean, at least call me to say if the position has been filled! Please?
There is a lot of closet space here(Caleb's apartment), but I still need to buy some sort of something to put my socks and girlie things in! Closet space is just not enough. Yet I don't want to spend anymore money. I've already spent a large chunk, and it was on nothing more than things I've needed minus a few things here and there... I'm still in the debate whether or not to cut my hair off again. It's hard to believe its 75 and November... it doesn't feel like I've moved here yet, or it's going to be Thanksgiving soon. My parents are coming to visit next week, and I'm really hoping they don't give me too much grief as to where me and Caleb live. It's not unsafe, and that's most important, riiight?
Last night Caleb made peanut butter brownies again. They are so good. Tonight we are going for Mexican with Julie. Yesterday I went to this Mexican bakery, o m g... I wanted to eat everything. I even asked the man if I could sample everything, but by this giggle I think he thought I was kidding. Oh well.
The expansion for world of warcraft comes out tomorrow, and since I'm a big nerd I'm going to go get it.
Ok, so I need to buy a kitchen table, chairs, a dresser, a mirror, lamps, and a flat screen TV. Now if only that woman that owes me $700 would pay up. Yeah right, Pine Avenue Scum. The kind you pay money to kick...
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Phone chargers and plazas [06 Nov 2008|04:35pm]
My new best friend is my GPS. He takes me everywhere around Phoenix. Had an interview today. It went well, I did just fine, I just lack math skills. I didn't feel the urge to press that I was excellent for the position because I struggle with math so much! How could I possibly be good for high school students? I barely passed Math III in HS. So it was kind of a bummer to hear that, even though I'm sure I could call him, and press to take the job... It just doesn't feel right. But should it matter if it's right or not when you are unemployed?! (yes) But it won't work, if it were any other subject it would have been excellent. I just blow at math. *sigh* I drove all the way to Glendale to get the right phone charger...it took almost 2hrs because of traffic. There is so much traffic here, so many people, and so many god damn plazas. Plazas aren't bad, I mean I can get subway, starbucks, CVS, and target in any direction...it never fails, they are everywhere. I keep debating why I don't rub out the B-LO i carved into the dust of my cars bumper. I really need to go through a car wash. Today is Dave's birthday. Last year we ate a lot of chocolate...that was great. I will have to buy some cookies later, because I haven't had a cookie since... one of the hotels along the way here. It was nice to get free cookies at your destination point. Too bad it wasn't like that all the time!
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Texas [22 Jul 2008|06:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

How could I miss the principals phone call? Okay, breathe, she is going to call back! I left messages too. Frantic, apologetic messages that I missed her call. Kidding. I think I could get used to the southern accent. Of course I could. If I don't get this job maybe I'll just drive to AZ. To be continued...

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My last entry was 44 weeks ago... [11 Dec 2007|01:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Well, I guess you could say a lot can happen in 44 weeks. A duhhh.

Tomorrow I have a presentation in Upton Art Gallery. I'm not too worried about it, but I really need to get moving and buy some ink for my printer. Not like I don't have any, but I need more. Because you really care.
Anyway, I needed to just write because I just ate about 5 cookies, a burrito, and some cake within 30minutes. So right now I feel really disgusting, and regret it all!
What is with the ice storms in Oklahoma? That's pretty sad twenty people died because of ice in Oklahoma. I wonder if they were all car accident related.
Does anyone want to paint with me? I can paint alone, I have no problem with that, I just was wondering if anyone else wanted to paint too. Does anyone even use live journal anymore?
Sweet Jesus this stomach is just protruding. I love Christmas, hopefully nobody is a bitch this year.

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Cat fur! [03 Feb 2007|07:49pm]
You know when you want to change the channel...and the remote is on the chair about 5ft away and you don't want to get up? But you really want to change the channel.
Yeah something like that.
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cat im a kitty cat and i meow meow meow and i meow meow meow [12 May 2006|09:24pm]
[ mood | awake ]

This semester is over, and it was the worst semester i EVER had!!! I can't wait til next semester so I can kick some art education ass. I can't wait to get the hell out of this damn western ny crap hole...oh wait that wont happen for awhile...but at least im getting out in the summer... When it is actually nice here. Oh well. Im worried about coming back. I will have to find a job asap, I dont even care what it is (well not fast food) I just need a job!!! Oh, thanks STAN for giving me a c+ in ceramics. I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I HATE CERAMICS!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not really. But really I do. what the hell? My mind is always bouncing all over the place. ::::::: Im thinking about mom and how she has a lot of shit on her mind and how i have to help her or else she will cut my head off and bc she needs help and how grama drives her crazy you know damn anxiety runs in the family and maybe grama should go in a nursing home she is falling apart she even said it herself my dad eats too much and should be concerned more about his health than he is i wish he wouldnt work so hard i would rather see him alive than busting his butt but maybe he likes to work he seems like that kind of person always working and giving the family everything thats pa my grades are the worst right now and im not going to tell my mom but why are they so bad and why am i forced to take 4 300lvl nonmajor courses for my major thats so retarded but whatever it cant be helped crap lilly keeps craping underneath the stairs can someone hand me two thousand dollars so i can live in an apartment i dont want to work and go to school but yes i do but what if work screws me over i cant live at home next semester ill go crazy and i want to live with scott my life will be more stable with one home one place even though i live at home im never really at home i have to pay 120 dollars for my speeding ticket i currently have 6 dollars in my wallet i have to go see cindy sanchez everytime i go home my family is fighting about something i hope italy isnt like that and is revenge a good thing or a bad thing i think its bad i think yeah no point for me i havent been to a concert in forever i feel kind of out of the loop but then again i never cared enough to remember band names remember mxpx wow they sucked but i was into that one song which now sucks i guess i could go see tool in rome that would be like watching TOOL on grounds where romans lived and like did all kinds of cool things but tool would be there instead this really has nothing to do with my problems damnitLLLL :::: yeah im really bored i hope NOBODY read this. but i cant erase it now. i would, but ive been sitting here for awhile, dont want to waste it entirely. thats a good lot of complaining! Shit maybe i should erase this. I LOVE SCOTT, HES GROWING A BEARD WHILE IM GONE! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ! IM RON BURGANDY? HEY IM GONNA BE 21 SOON BUT I DONT FEEL LIKE IT? STUPID YEARS!!!!! STUPID EVERYTHING!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[20 Apr 2006|06:16pm]
i have a headache. i dont want to go to school anymore..even if there is only a week 1/2 left. die ceramics class die
i guess its not that bad
mmm water.
when i straighten my hair it flingss out like a bird...ow my head.
i guess i should go downstairs and greet Bruno. I love that name! BRUNO!!!
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People say I will never forget... [20 Feb 2006|11:19am]
[ mood | blah ]

I woke up a little shaky this morning. Blahhh, shake it out! shake it out! I actually slept at my house tonight, I feel like i've been living at scotts. Which wouldnt be so bad if kenny and his sick kitten wasn't there. -_-
I hate myspace. Who invented that stupid site? I hope it just shuts down for some horrible reason, and everyones myspace will be lost. Computer stress is a horrible thing, and people are obsessed!!! Like me. But i am trying very hard not to go on www.myspace.com . Does anyone know a way it can be blocked?
I feel like I'm not even going to school this semester. I feel like all I'm doing is taking ceramics. I like the projects, but my teacher hardly gives us enough time in class to work. But I guess thats what its like in every ceramics class. I just complain a lot.
If i could erase my memory of certain things I think I would. I wonder how much it would cost?
My room is a mess, and my mom had to have a little talk with me about my closet. I feel like i'm in the 5th grade all over again.
My dad called some head guy at Wegmans to tell him to hire me. Isn't that funny? I'm laughing.
Scott and I have been doing pretty good. I think we are on this completely different level now. A level that we never knew existed. Sometimes it can be great, and other times I will become a wreck. I feel horrible when that happens, but I can't help it, and he knows it. we will just have to keep moving on, and maybe it will happen less?
I can't wait til this most pointless semester is over. I feel like it is a waste because I'm not taking art ed classes. Horrible!
I wanted to have a gathering at my house this weekend, but my parents didn't go away. That made me very angry. Haha, i'm such a jerk. Maybe next weekend...
80% of my pants no longer fit me, this is good and bad.
I want a black bikini, anyone want to go shopping?
I feel a lot better after writing in this, why is that? I didn't think I would. Poop stain.
I need more subsitute jobs, I only have 1 next month. Maybe I should apply to more schools? Get off your ass and do it! *hop* *hop*

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it's freakn freezing in here mr bigglesworth [25 Jan 2006|07:41pm]
It is freakn freezing. Im already tired of winter, and suprisingly it hasnt even snowed that much. I'm currently at Scotts, waiting for him to get home from school. Last night I hardly slept, my brain just wouldn't stop thinking about things that just DON'T matter. This semester is so boring, I hope I dont end up skipping a lot. I don't think I will though, it's kind of pointless to do so when I'm only there 2 days a week. I'm going to be applying to the Olive Garden, I got some connections, but never any guarantees. When I get a job we're all going dancing to celebrate. Bottom line is that I need to chill out. I need to calm down. I need to relax. I hate feeling normal one second, and the next I feel like my insides are on my outside! Whatever, I dont know why I write in here... it really doesnt make me feel better. Maybe i'll go nap. See you all in my nap dream!
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[02 Dec 2005|10:39am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

I guess there comes a point in life where nothing makes sense. It's a world that you no longer recognize, and you feel completely lost in. Your heart beats a mile a minute even as you sleep becuase you don't know what is going to happen next. I realize that I am not as strong as I thought I was, but hopeless and bewildered.

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pointless [16 Nov 2005|10:00am]
[ mood | blah ]

I have too many little pieces of crust in my eyes. I have to go to the doctors today, and I really dont want to. I really want to pick up the phone and cancel. Oh well. Last week I was really depressed, and I normally never get depressed. I have so much homework to do, and all I can do is talk about it, not do it. My gay drawing professor (who is really not gay) but very awesome, assigns drawings every week, which is not so bad. But around this time of the semester, he should start giving us one drawing, not two...TWO INCREADIBLY MUSCULAR ARMS to draw. mana chan a mana chan. Maybe I'll go make some eggs. I'd like to invest in egg beaters, I hear they have all different kinds now. So I really am going to get a job over winter break. Like I said a million times before I'd like to work at the mall. I'm sure it will be nice and crazy for xmas. But what place wont be? Or I could try getting hired at the vets office in lewiston, but uhhh...i dont know. I dont know if i like animals THAT much.

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[16 Sep 2005|07:11pm]
been kissed..Yes
lied to a friend..Yes
dyed ur hairYes
dressed punkYes
kissed a girlYes
saw something u didnt want toYes
danced in the rainYes
lied to ur parentsYes
went barefoot in the snowMaybe
played hockeyYes
made ur own clothesNo
got in a fiteFite?
took a showerYes
gave a dirty look to someoneYes
did a cartwheelNo
went to schoolYes
shopped Yes
got sickNo
did something u regretNO
discovered something newYes
run to class because ur always lateNo
act perfectNo
act hyperNo
are a nerdNo
in band??No
in ur pjsNo
listening to musicNo
watching a movieNo
iming someone No
talkin on the foneNo
hot topic or abercrombie and fitchNeither
thongs or briefsNeither
boxers anyone?!?!Huh?
sweatpants or jeansJeans
longsleeved shirts or short sleeveLong
tube tops or tanksTanks
current clothesHMMM NOTHING
current moodBored
current musicNothing
current tasteBad
current make-upzero
current thing I ought to be doingBuying a ticket to some place far away from here
you huggedScott
yelled atScott
IMed.I cant remember
you touchedScott
[ EiTHER/0R .. ]
coffee or hot chocolateCOFFEE
big or littleMedium
lace or satinLace
new or oldNew
vogue or cosmopolitanVogue
skirt or dressSkirt
wool or cottonCotton
[DO YOU..]
put on a "front"Sometimes
have a crush on someoneNo
if u got a tatoo where wud u get iton your mom
waht is the online symbol u use the most!
u have a boyfriend or girlfiendYes
who's hotter, Josh Hartnett or Chad Michael MurrayJosh? Who is Chad?
what was the last thing you saidIm bored
who would u want to be stuck in an elevator withMy dead dog
do you like stickersDepends
do u play with mad libs wen ur boredWhats mad libs
are you suicidalSometimes
is your window openYes
what was the last pair of shoes you boughtPayless sandals...i cant afford anything better
do you have a little brotherNo
does he draw you cute picturesNO
where do your grandparents liveIn my house
what do you think of when you hear the word clickKick your face in
are you a moronWtf
do you like trampolinesyes
have u ever accidentally sucked something up in the vacuumyes
did you see American Pie 2No, stupid movie

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[10 Sep 2005|09:36am]
Last night was julies birthday. We went to a japanese place, and my dad ordered waaaaaaaaaaaay too much food. It was a joke, and I bet the japanese thought we were all fat americans, but thats ok. Peach festival this weekend...whoaaaa...Too much traffic in lewiston. I live here for a reason, no traffic. No i dont make sense. my toes hurt because i have ingrown toe nails. isnt that attractive? Tomorrow is 9/11, and last night my dad wouldnt stop talking about it, and almost made julie cry after she repeatedly said "can we stop talking about this?" What makes people want to talk about misery so much? Can't we have a nice conversation about pandas? JEsus.


Eat Fried Dough
Eat Peach Cake
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Lets all just get through this...shall we? [30 Aug 2005|11:15am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I was watching a program last night about Armageddon, and how these people see all the signs of it approaching. It scared me! I need a new computer setup, my hands and wrists are getting all messed up. Today was my second day of school, and I decided to drive all the way home after my drawing class because I felt so gross and i have 3 hours to spare until my next class. Why does it take 30minutes to find a parking spot? I hope everyday isn't like this. I hope everyone likes their classes, and does well this semester! =D

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[18 Jul 2005|05:43am]
well im at scotts...its too hot to sleep, and i have heart burn. i shall share part of my weekend with thee.

lin and erics weddingCollapse )
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i love summer...and grandma [12 Jul 2005|12:17pm]

title or description


title or description
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[09 Jul 2005|03:20pm]
OK, i just read like 5 lj posts in a row, and the first sentence in each post was how hung over they were! Get over it people!
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